Remote Controlled RF Table-X-Ray Systems

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AngioTab 9030
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Product Description

Product: Remote Controlled Radio Fluoro Table

Models: MARS 40-80

Ratings: 40/50/50+/65/80 KW (500 - 1000 mA)

Series: AngioTab 9030

Allengers AngioTab 9030 a remote-controlled RF system combines flexibility with advanced engineering, thereby setting new standards for diagnostic image quality in order to provide practitioners with an effective diagnostic tool, and thereby making the task easy, effortless and hygienic for both patient and practitioner with a host of special features.

Special Features:

  • Zero radiation to radiologist during investigation.
  • 9" Image Intensifier.
  • Digital spot.
  • RF system designed for all radiographic and fluoroscopic examinations.
  • Head - to - toe coverage with remote and tableside control.
  • Fully motorized movements (model specific).
  • Advance imaging system with 1K x 1K imaging chain.
  • Auto SFD with self centering of film cassette (optional)
  • DSA (optional)
  • Height adjustment of table (optional).

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